Monday, June 26, 2017

Pallet Scripture with Shield

We have plans to soon change the room that our boys share so that they will have more space. The room they share is small and the bunk that they have is not helping matters. I like that it has a desk and shelf in it, but because it is one that is shaped like a "T" and takes up most of their floor it will need to go. My husband and I browsed through Pinterest and tried to find a few pallet decor ideas to make it rustic and boyish. This is the first that I made for the 'remodel'. I am quite pleased with how it turned out! You can't quite tell from the picture but it is over 3 feet tall!

I don't think the project really needs much explanation. I cut a pallet to size, sanded it and then made stencils - used a piece of paper that I cut to make a shield shape and my Cricut for all the lettering. I was planning to stain it, but think that I will leave it be for now and see how the rest of the room turns out before changing the color of the wood. 

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