Thursday, February 26, 2009

I decided to make a cover for my Bible to match my new purse. Thanks Tracy for the idea and the link!

These instructions were pretty easy to follow and I made it in less than 2 hours. The next one will probably take a lot less time, but I had to take the handles out and put them on again because I incorrectly put them in when stacking the pieces for sewing.
I made the handles from strips of fabric that I sewed into a tube, turned inside out and pressed flat. I think the cover looks great, if I may say so myself!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Die Cuts and Stickers

For Valentine's Day my mom gave me some fun new things that inspired me on these four cards. I decided to post them all together, since they're all kinda similar and I didn't think they needed a whole lot of explaination. She gave me some of those glossy, raised stickers in different shapes with different words on them, and she gave me a set of die cuts that cut these great little shapes for you to put a ribbon through. I put the two of them together and made these great cards! Aren't they fun?! The last two, I used a piece or two of cardstock instead of ribbon because I didn't have the right color ribbon.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Second Hobo and Skirt

This is the purse I ended up making. The fabric wasn't my favorite, but I wanted something that would work with brown or black - because I am not the type to be changing my purse with every outfit - but do think it's important not to wear black shoes with and a brown purse. I put a couple pockets into this one and added a middle layer of some black-out fabric I had left over from the sunroom curtains for stability (only because I didn't have interfacing, and refused to wait to go to the store another day). I made the straps a lot longer so I can wear it across my chest because my purses tend to fall off my shoulder when holding the toddler hands and walking across the parking lot! Now, I think it needs a snap in the center to hold all the stuff in that I'll be stuffing into this large bag!

I also have reconstructed a skirt - another result of playing "What Not To Wear" in my closet. I had this jumper/mini-dress from at least 10-15 years ago and have always loved the feel of the material. Since I was just not totally willing to give the thing up, I decided it might work as a skirt. So I cut off the top of the jumper and folded down and sewed a waistband. Easy as that.

Here I am wearing both!

Galloping Horse

I needed a fun and special card for my niece's 5th birthday, and also wanted to play with some of my new toys, so I got out my Big Shot and set to it. I stamped the purple cardstock (her fav color) with 5's in VersaMark ink. She is very into horses, so I decided to use this fun little kids sticker on the die cut and put it on a piece of ribbon. That way she can 'gallop' across the card with the little horse! I used the star shaped dies in a teal color to match the horse and placed them randomly on the front. The inside says something like "Happy Birthday - from our herd." I hope she has fun with it!