Monday, February 27, 2012

Fabric Toy Basket

My husband and I went round-and-round on what to do with the toys that our toddler strings all through our house all day long. We needed a place that she could clean them up herself by just piling them in, but it needed to be in this room that we use with guests often, so it needed to look nice too. This was my solution:

I have been working on this crocheted basket made of strips of old sheets and hand-me-down fabrics. My kids have helped me tear them into 1 inch strips, which they actually thought was fun, most of the time. :) I am planning to add a few more rows, but it will sit for now like this, because quite honestly, I am tired of working on it and want to do something else!!!!

Paper Shamrock Wall-Hanging

I made a HUGE paper shamrock to hang on my wall, just like I'd have made one with quilling paper strips. It is made with about 1 1/4 inch strips that were about 20-26 inches long. I stapled it all together, as I didn't think glue would hold it. I wanted you to see how big it was, so I wanted this photo with the yardstick included:

I hung it in the top rectangle of my screen door wallhanging, but think it needs something else. I tried gluing a banner to the front that said "Happy St. Patrick's Day," but it didn't look good. Any suggestions on embellishing it?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Milk Jug Snowflakes

The kids and I made these recycled milk jug snowflakes, way before Christmas, to hang in the yard. I love them because I know they will NEVER disintegrate since they are made from a milk jug, and they were a fun way to decorate the yard without lights. We just cut a jug or two apart and used the flat sections to cut these shapes. My kids are young, and could only cut a simple star shape out.

I tried to use my die cutter to do one of these, but it was not strong enough to go through the plastic. It did make an impression on it that I was easily able to easily follow and cut with my scissors this shape. I also made a free handed one, and took close-up photos of both, but am having problems with Blogger photo uploads and will not be posting the close up photos of those. I love how well they showed up.