Thursday, September 29, 2016

Pallet Style Pumpkin

 I made myself a little something today!
 I had been looking at all the fun fall decorations and the cute pumpkins, and my mom sent me a photo of a pallet pumpkin she had made.....and I decided to get on the bandwagon!

I started with a few slats of wood that my dad had given my husband years ago to make bird houses with, but we'd never gotten around to those projects. I thought they would be perfect for this because they are rough like pallets. So I got out his chop saw and got to work. I cut equal angle pieces from two side boards and cut the middle to length, then cut a smaller piece for the stem. I then gave them a quick sanding and took a photo....

I watered down some orange paint and 'stained' the pumpkin boards orange. Then grabbed an golden oak stain that I had and darkened up the stem, so it would have a nice contrast.

Then....I love all the monogramming that I am seeing around and thought the big monogram would help my pumpkin to pop. So I layed it all out like this:

Then I flipped it all sideways and liked it even more! So, after we put the kids in bed, I asked him to get me a couple thin slats for putting the thing together, drilled the holes and screwed the boards all together.

I actually used Velcro to put the "T" on the front, in case I decide to make a pallet style tree for Christmas, or an egg for Easter......