Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sequin Shamrock

I wanted my daughter to have a fun shirt for St. Patrick's Day and decided on this:
So quick and easy. I put an embroidery hoop on the part of the shirt I wanted to use, so the fabric would stay taut. Then I grabbed a bag of her little craft sequins and pulled out the green ones. I sewed them on by stitching through them twice and putting the thread on either side to keep them down. I was quite pleased with the result.

I created a Valentine's shirt for my daughter with sequins too. Only the heart was smaller and filled in. An easy way to make a simple holiday shirt, and I think you could just remove the sequins later if you want to wear it past the actual holiday.

Kasnzashi Silk

I love these hair flowers and want one for every outfit! They keep the hair out of my face and from behind my ear and they are beautiful! I made this one from the same fabric as the flower on my purse, so I will match all over when I wear it!

Then I got this sample of 100% silk fabric from the fabric store this weekend to try a silk flower. The fabric had stripes of different colors, but I thought cream would go with almost anything, so I started there. Then I decided it needed a bright red, fabric covered button in the middle - so much for matching anything....Oh well.
I think the silk is pretty, and has more of a sheen on it, but am not sure I will do many more from pure silk. It unravels like crazy and isn't the easiest fabric to work with.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kanzashi for My Purse

On recommendation of my friend to make the button bigger on my new purse, I thought I'd create something. I used a piece of the lining fabric to make a Kanzashi flower to match, added a vintage brown button to the middle, hot glued it all together and put it on an old fashioned pin back. That way I can pin it in place over the button, and if I decide I want it on the strap instead, I can just move it over! I think it makes my purse *POP* and I LOVE it. Thanks for the recommendation, Laura!