Friday, July 13, 2012

Puzzle Shelf

My Dad was a genius about how things worked and he made over a hundred wooden puzzles. Some were only two pieces, and some would be impossible to figure out, even if you worked for days, without directions. He made us some in past years, and we have had them sitting on the edge of our shuffleboard table, where little hands mess with them regularly, and they would get knocked over by the curtains when we opened/shut them. So we've been talking about a shelf for them for a while. We finally got the shelf made & put up this week and put the puzzles on it. I am so glad to have a place for these puzzles, which are sort of a legacy for my dad.

I miss him.

Wall-Hanging Paper Bursts

I saw an idea from a Better Homes and Garden article called Room in Bloom. I used their idea to create something for the bottom of my screen door wall hanging. I had made a small flower like this before, but never one of this size, and the idea of putting together to create a colorful wall hanging was wonderful!