Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Most Wearable Earrings

My mom sent me a package. Inside was a pack of these marbles that she had baked so they had a cracked look, and the silver 'toppers'. I was so excited, as any crafter would be, to get surprise crafting materials in the mail. I immediately glued the marbles to the 'toppers' (forgive me, I have no idea the word for those things!). But I had a hard time figuring out what to do next. Then it finally hit me to put a chain on it and make a simple drop earring.  Little did I know that I would create the most wearable earrings ever!

I find I am reaching for these earrings almost daily! They match everything, and are a little showy against my dark hair with all the crackles, which I like. Thanks Mom!!!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

New Diaper Tote

When the diaper bag from the hospital ripped on me yesterday, I  knew I had a little project to do. I whipped this up with some fabic from my stash that my sister had handed down. It took less than one hour from start to finish, with some telephone talking in the middle to a friend. Fast, easy and so functional to keep these two necessities neatly tucked away...and can easily be left with him in the nursery!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Garden Spoons

I saw this project a while back, asked for some metal stamps for my birthday last year, and finally got them done for my garden this year. I really like the rustic look. They were so easy! I struggled with how to get them flat, until my Mom advised me to use a vice. So I went out to my husband's shop, put the spoon right into the vice and tightened it until flat. Then 'stamped' them with the names of some of my herbs and put them out. They are not too visible, so they don't make my garden look junky, but just visible enough for guests/kids to see what we have.

My New Favorite Earrings

Somewhere in my stash of earrings I have from all my years of wearing them (and I'm talking some pretty tacky 80's & 90's styles!) I found these two fuschia colored leaves. I removed them from their original earrings and put them in my bead box. When I had the urge to create some new earring yesterday, I paired them with this turquoise colored bead and knew I had a good combo.

But it needed something else, so I got out my wire and made a little curly-q, pounded it with a hammer onto my steel block and attached it to the front of the leaf. And my new favorite earrings were born!

I really like the little wire addition and think I'll be doing some more wire-work soon.