Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My New Favorite Earrings

Somewhere in my stash of earrings I have from all my years of wearing them (and I'm talking some pretty tacky 80's & 90's styles!) I found these two fuschia colored leaves. I removed them from their original earrings and put them in my bead box. When I had the urge to create some new earring yesterday, I paired them with this turquoise colored bead and knew I had a good combo.

But it needed something else, so I got out my wire and made a little curly-q, pounded it with a hammer onto my steel block and attached it to the front of the leaf. And my new favorite earrings were born!

I really like the little wire addition and think I'll be doing some more wire-work soon.

1 comment:

G'ma Owens said...

Yes, they did turn out GREAT!!!