Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Frame Repurposing

While I love to show off my kid's artwork....this 'clothesline' type spot behind my table was beginning to bother me. It always looks messy. And when you open my front door, it is directly in your line of vision.  But, I also use this to hang Christmas cards and things on too at different times of the year...so I knew I couldn't get rid of it all together. Then I saw an excellent idea in a Woman's Day from 2012 that I'd ripped out....

So, I went down to the local Salvation Army store and found the biggest frame I could find. They had this beauty for $13! (outside dimensions: 43x31 inches) I set to work. I removed the print, pulled off the gold foil covering the frame and sprayed a coat of Kilz on top. Then I started to paint it silver. In the middle of painting it silver I decided I wanted to keep it white....so I started back with the Kilz primer! :)

I finished up with a coat of white spray paint, and stapled in some chicken wire. In the idea from the magazine, she was hanging cards with what they were thankful with for the Thanksgiving holiday. I will probably do that with the family too...and it will look great with Christmas cards!