Saturday, November 16, 2013

Crochet Cowls

I found this wonderful, soft, slightly-bulky yarn and have been inspired to work on a few projects.

This first one is a circular scarf. I started with a chain of 65 and worked in circles of sc, dc, and hdc until I had the right size. I wanted it to be cozy, but not hugely bulky. I think that it turned out just right!

For this second one, I wanted a buttoned cowl. I have been looking at these online and they look so nice. Because I was already in the hang of the pattern above, I worked this one in a series of 2 lines of dc, 1 line of hdc, to give it a little more interest than just repeating dc all the way down. I started with a chain of 22, and worked until I finished my skein, which ended up being just the right length. I popped on a button, and really like the result.
Both of these are gifts, but I did get myself a skein of grey to match my new grey cowgirl boots and can't wait to get mine finished too!