Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pallet Book Shelf

I found this Pallet Shelf on a website this month, and immediately wanted to make it for our little guy's room. He's really into construction, as all little boys are. Here is our version:

I started this shelf with my husband not at home, but when I restarted with him at home, he jumped in to help. And boy am I glad he did! This was NOT A 5 minute job! It took us an entire evening together, after I had worked a whole nap time on it too.

Anthropologie Copy

I attempted to copy the Verevine Necklace from Anthropologie, because I thought it was beautiful, but would NOT spend $42 on it!

I tried a bunch of different things, had a lot of things I had to re-do, but this was the final product. My knock-off:

I took the photo on two different shirts to let you see it well.

While I am aware that mine looks nothing like theirs, except in general structure, I am pleased with the final product. Now I just have to have enough guts to wear the thing!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Kanzashi Butterfly Ornament

I have started working on Christmas ornaments! I like to give a different one each year and I am bound & determined to have them finished for the season. This is not the one I'm making to give everyone, and I had never made one of these, so I thought I'd share a photo:
It is made with fabric, using a kanzashi fold. The larger wings are simply a larger square of fabric. Then you put a string through the wings at the bottom (order: small, lg, lg, small) the same way you would a kanzashi flower petal and they gather together to make the shape of the butterfly. I hot glued on a piece of black cording I had that is kind-of flat and put a hanging string through the back of one of the large wings.
I know I hung it on a pineapple plant...I do like to put my Christmas tree up early....but even I can't do it this early!