Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Jersey Rosette, Take 2

I did try this again, and like it better, but am still not loving the thing. This time, I kept it loose and scrunched it a bit when I glued it down. I don't think I'm wasting the hairpin though, I don't think I'll wear it. But did want you to see the less-trivet-like creation!

Gathered Hair Flower

I decided to try a different type of hair flower, and I think this turned out much better than the last one (trivet!).

I took this piece of fabric from a load of fabric given me by my family, and it was already folded and sewn together. I decided to just gather it across the bottom, with folded side out and then sewed the ends together. Then for the center, I took a black stretchy fabric a couple inches wide and made a pretty knot. I put the ends through the center, hot glued everything in place and put it on the hairpin. Fastest hairbow ever!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Paper Buttons

For all those who thought I was not making cards anymore, here are the ones I made this morning after getting the weekly email from Splitcoast Stampers with the tutorial on paper buttons.

The buttons are made from four layers of punched paper (pink) with a layer of homemade paper on top. Glue them all on top of each other and then cover the whole thing with Crystal Effects. I like the finished product. I didn't think it was popping enough on it's own, so I added some color behind it on the card and tied a string though the button holes. Here are the two pink ones I did first:

Then I decided while I was going I should make a couple more, so I used another piece of homemade paper and made these. I used a piece of cardboard, coated all over with VersaMark for the brownish strip along the bottom of the card.