Friday, March 18, 2011

Bird in a Cage

I feel like I haven't done much crafting lately, and when I saw this little bird cage craft, I wanted to try it for our house. So, I didn't follow the directions exactly, but here is my version:

I used an oatmeal top for the cage bottom. It was clear, so I put a white circle on one side. For the cage cross-pieces, I used a box top that I had kept around for a while, knowing that silver would come in handy sometime. Also, I didn't have a pretty piece of paper 16.5 inches long to do around the diameter of the bottom, so I cut diagonally through a 12x12 piece and used that center strip. My strips are all about 1 inch across. I think I would make them smaller next time. You can't see my bird as well as I'd hoped.

I thought I'd try making it myself, and then see if my little 5 year old girl can make one too. I definitely think she could do one with help....but it would be better for someone a little older.