Thursday, February 7, 2013

New Jar Labels

 I have these jars that line my kitchen counter, which I love! Some are old, some are new. I've tried to mix up the lids a little, so the one with the red lid is actually plastic (though I don't think anyone can tell) because the lid won't fit a glass jar. I love the convenience of them, and that it creates more cabinet space for me to have these things on the counter. And I love the look...well almost. I didn't love the labels.

So for Christmas, I added some of that chalkboard contact paper and a chalk pen to my wish list and hoped someone would help me get started on this project. My sister-in-law did! Today I got them out (a cold, rainy day with a stomach bug working it's way around the children) and changed the labels to this:

I love them even more now!

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G'ma Owens said...

They really look like a "set" now!