Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Purse

I have been wanting a new purse. My old one is getting worn and is not as cool as I thought it once was....Though it was very easy to put together and amazingly functional! I knew I wanted another one that would have a strap that I could put over my chest to my other shoulder because it's so functional and doesn't fall off when I'm holding little hands. I saw a bunch of fabric in my stash this week that my mother in law handed down to me and knew I wanted it, so I went to work. I used a McCalls pattern to cut the shape for the purse front/back and then put the pattern away because I knew I wanted it a little differently. I cut a strip and sewed it down the front and back and put pockets on the liner pieces, and used hardware from my stash that I've been keeping around for just this reason. This is my finished product. I will admit it's a little larger than I thought it would be, but know that I will love that when I can stick a notebook in there and have my hands free! I took another photo closer up so you could see the hardware and the button closure. I figure with the button, I could just reach in for the little stuff and only unbutton for the bigger things. I made the strap adjustable for when I want to wear it on one shoulder, because as practical as it is, it's just not attractive for dressing up to have a purse across your chest!

And here is a shot of the inside. I like lots of pockets for organizing so I put 5. Yep. FIVE. One for the iPod. One for the phone. One for the Kleenex. One for the wallet. One for something extra.....I don't know yet.


Jnet said...

If you ever have "stiff" fabric (like a denim) you can use it to line your purse to make it more stable too. You don't have to buy interfacing, just use something stiff from your stash and it usually works good, too.

Cute fabric on that purse, and you remembered not to put a dark color on the inside...makes it easier to find stuff.

Now I want to make a new purse!

Nicole said...

Wow, that is wonderful. I want to make myself one.

tcmoniz said...

Love the style and material!