Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Screen Door 2

I knew I wanted to do this, but when I put the screen door on the wall, I felt like I needed to! So, I had the kiddos stand for photos, printed them out with terrible quality in black & white, and cut around them to create a silhouette of them. Then I used it as a template to make a blue silhouette and put them on white paper and in these frames that I spraypainted silver.
I also finished off the "T". I got a glass cut for the frame and bought a mat. The silhouettes look a little funny to me, so I'm planning to change the hanging of them. I've already put them on ribbons. Maybe I'll post another shot once I've finished them off. I was thinking of fabric flowers on the top of the ribbons......


G'ma/G'pa Owens said...

Love it!

tcmoniz said...

Love the silhouettes!!

Have you seen the Cricut cartridges that are all silhouettes? I have the "Child's First Year", and I picked up "Nursery Rhymes" for $9.99 at Michaels recently.