Sunday, January 23, 2011

Game Room Wall & Twister Clock

On a trip I took with a friend last weekend, we scoured antique stores for games to use in this room. I came home and used industrial strength velcro to attach those games and some we already had to the wall above our shuffleboard table (so we could still take them down to play). I also hung a few on the other walls in this room, but this gives you a good idea of the 'look' of the space.

Today I got out Twister to show my kiddos how to play and the 3 year old said he wanted to "spin the clock." My wheels immediately started turning and with my hubbies help, I'd created this within a couple hours:

The hands are just black cardstock stuck to fancier clock hands on the movement I already had to give me a feel for how it looks until I get to buy the hands I really want. What do you think? I originally wanted to add the numbers (12,3,6,9) on the black lines, but when I put it on there we weren't sure if it would take away from the game board. Any suggestions before I finish it off with new hands?


Jnet said...

AWESOME Game Room!

G'ma/G'pa Owens said...

Don't put the numbers on it.....Love the boards, I will give you a Candyland and Trivial Pursuit board when I see you. So don't look for those.