Monday, February 27, 2012

Fabric Toy Basket

My husband and I went round-and-round on what to do with the toys that our toddler strings all through our house all day long. We needed a place that she could clean them up herself by just piling them in, but it needed to be in this room that we use with guests often, so it needed to look nice too. This was my solution:

I have been working on this crocheted basket made of strips of old sheets and hand-me-down fabrics. My kids have helped me tear them into 1 inch strips, which they actually thought was fun, most of the time. :) I am planning to add a few more rows, but it will sit for now like this, because quite honestly, I am tired of working on it and want to do something else!!!!


Jnet said...

I know how hard that fabric is to crochet -- tough on the hand muscles!

This is a cool way to give her her own fun place for her stuff to belong...nicely done!

The Turner's said...

I know you know all about how hard it is to sew, because you made the small baskets for me that I use in the kitchen! :) They work great on top of the fridge!