Saturday, February 25, 2012

Milk Jug Snowflakes

The kids and I made these recycled milk jug snowflakes, way before Christmas, to hang in the yard. I love them because I know they will NEVER disintegrate since they are made from a milk jug, and they were a fun way to decorate the yard without lights. We just cut a jug or two apart and used the flat sections to cut these shapes. My kids are young, and could only cut a simple star shape out.

I tried to use my die cutter to do one of these, but it was not strong enough to go through the plastic. It did make an impression on it that I was easily able to easily follow and cut with my scissors this shape. I also made a free handed one, and took close-up photos of both, but am having problems with Blogger photo uploads and will not be posting the close up photos of those. I love how well they showed up.

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