Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Repurposed Scarves From An Old Sweater

Anyway, I took this old school sweater that I loved the feel of (but not the style of) and unraveled the whole thing and put the yarn into balls and crocheted a few scarves. So me and my two best college friends have coordinating scarves....because two of the scarves are for their Christmas.

I know I took a picture of the sweater before, but can't find it in the computer. We've had a lot going on at our house, so I'm not surprised I can't find it!! If I find the picture somewhere, I'll post it later.

Since it is weeks after Christmas, I only have two of them at my house....I actually finished one before Christmas and mailed it to one of my friends. The other I just finished and will be mailing tomorrow, if at all possible.


Jnet said...

I LOVE that curly one -- I've never made any like that before -- pattern please!

The Turner's said...

Here is the tutorial/pattern:


I love that ruffle too. It was easy...I made the shorter length and thought it was almost too long!

G'ma Owens said...

Are you saying you crocheted them from pulling the yarn of an old sweater?

The Turner's said...

Yes, that sweater from the river house that I loved but was really dated and J'net hated. I took it apart, and used the yarn to make 3 scarves!!

Adventures Along The Way said...

:)Beautiful! :)