Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Die Cuts and Stickers

For Valentine's Day my mom gave me some fun new things that inspired me on these four cards. I decided to post them all together, since they're all kinda similar and I didn't think they needed a whole lot of explaination. She gave me some of those glossy, raised stickers in different shapes with different words on them, and she gave me a set of die cuts that cut these great little shapes for you to put a ribbon through. I put the two of them together and made these great cards! Aren't they fun?! The last two, I used a piece or two of cardstock instead of ribbon because I didn't have the right color ribbon.

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G'ma/G'pa Owens said...

I didn't know that they were for sliding ribbons through but they really are cute. I like the paper sliders as well as the ribbons.