Thursday, December 13, 2012

Quilled Christmas Scene

I made this a year or two ago, but I realized I don't think I ever showed it to everyone! I had a little frame that was a shadow box type, no spot for glass, just a back. I put paper on the back of the frame that had just a bit of pattern to it, then put it back in place. Then I made a few Christmas quilling items to fill the spots. I knew I wanted a manger scene on the bottom space, because of the size of it, long length & short height, but had no idea waht to do with the rest. I decided to fill it with other traditional Christmas things: stocking, wreath, and poinsettia. Last year I remember not having a spot for it and feeling like I was frustrated by that, but this Christmas I cleared off my photo shelves and piled them with lots of decorations, and this was the perfect spot for my quilled Christmas scene.

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