Thursday, December 13, 2012

Crocheted Stockings

When we got out the Christmas stuff this year, we did not have enough for all four of our kids to have matching ones. So we have two pairs of two that match, displayed alternatingly. Then we have the issue of Curt wanting to use the one that I crocheted for him back in our first year of marriage (green, white and blue in pic) which never matches and that only bothers me! I decided to try to make a matching set for all the people in our family, so I bought red, off white and green yarns. Then I searched online and found a pattern to help me get started...and though it was not the same, it was helpful. Since the green was not the same color - figures! - I decided to introduce some deeper red scrap yarn I had too...that way the one I made years ago doesn't stand out as being totally different. I made three, but have two more to go. And just over a week to do it.....

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