Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Earring Holder

I made this earring holder back in 2009, and have loved it! It hung in such an easily accessible place (I pass it on the way to my bathroom) so I was wearing them a whole lot more than I used to, and I could see what I have so quickly. But my earrings have grown bigger, and my collection is bigger, and I had outgrown this rack.
SO, I went by my local hardware store this morning and bought some 1/4 inch hardware cloth and cut it to size with my hubbies wire clippers to fit a frame I'd picked up at a thrift store. I used the tabs that were already in the frame and folded them down to hold the hardware cloth in place. Then I hung it on the wall. I was on the phone with my mom almost all the way through this project, and it still only took about 30 minutes to do!
It's bigger, holds the earrings in place better, and I have room to grow! :)


G'ma Owens said...

Really neat looking!

Clisi96 said...

Great! Love looking at your crafts!