Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Chandelier Earrings

I was looking online for inspiration for other types of earrings to make and saw some that were made with chain on either side, I thought "Why not?" So, I put in  Burn Unit - season 5, with my old Caboodle (I was recently telling my mom how we got our money's worth out of that baby!) full of my beading supplies in front of me. This was the result:

I started with a piece of chain that I cut in half, and then hung from the middle on earring wires. Then I put 4 red beads on a pin that I made loops on either end of and hung it from the chain. I played with it for a while before figuring out what beads to hang, then put the iridescent white and red beads on headpins and formed loops to hang them between each red bead going across. I used all glass beads, because I like the look and feel of glass over plastic.

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