Sunday, October 28, 2012

Necklace & Earring Set

I had one of those dollar store necklace and earring sets  that I was not crazy about. I loved the beads, great purple color, nice weight to them, everything. But the necklace was set on multiple strands of fishing line and I didn't like the look. (I know I should have taken a before shot!!) And the earrings were one drop bead. Very plain, and barely showed up. So I decided to take the beads off and start over.

I took the beads off, added a few more purples and the white spheres that I had and liked it ok, but it needed something else, so I put silver spacer beads between each bead, and then I loved it! I made the back very simple but used some silver sead beads and some more of the spacer beads to make sure it still sparkled.

Then I got to work on the earrings. The largest purple bead was the original. All I did was add a jump ring above that bead, and put some matching beads on their own head pins, added those beads to the same jump ring, and now it shows up great and has some character!

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