Monday, October 22, 2012

Hoop Earrings

I am on a jewelery kick. I love making new things to wear to update my wardrobe.

Someone had given my daughter some beaded bracelets with memory wire a few years ago to use for craft projects, and I can't wear memory wire bracelets because they drive me crazy with the tightness on my wrist. (But can't stand to throw anything away that I might use later!) So, I thought of a use for it! I cut the wire smaller and strung on gold and orange beads. I added loops to the ends, and an 'o' in the middle and hung them from earring wires. The finished hoops are 1 3/4 inch from top to bottom, and the memory wire keeps them in a tight strong loop, so they're not floppy like string would be.

They are great fall colors and I wore them yesterday with a sweater that matched perfectly! Now if I could only get our 11 month old to stop yanking on them, I could enjoy them a lot more!

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