Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Quilled Peacock - Improved

Thank you for the constructive criticism on my last post about this peacock! I do actually care about your opinions and know well that when I create something myself, I am not always the best one to critique it! :)

I thought about what to add on the bottom of the peacock and went back and forth about it a while, but this morning I decided to try this option: legs.

I think it adds just the right amount of depth under the peacock, without making it too busy. I opted not to add a mat, because I felt he might be a little cramped if I do that. What do you think now?


KTluv said...

It is gorgeous Michelle! I love the legs that you added. I think he is perfect!

KTluv said...

I think he is gorgeous Michelle. You did a great job. I think the legs finish him perfectly. I love quilling and wish that people did more of it these days. It was really popular back when I started crafting but then kind of died out. I have seen it reemerging a little bit lately which is awesome. Your pattern is lovely.

tcmoniz said...

Yep, the legs bring your eyes "down", and use up some of the white space - I think it loos great!! You are my quilling hero, now that I have given it a shot! :)