Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Long, Dangling Earrings

I worked on a couple pair of earrings today. This was the first pair:

I only had to make one buy for these, and that was the actual earring hooks. The chain is from a necklace that was very small and has been sitting around for ages. The two colorful beads, which made me start on these earrings in the first place, I think were from back in my high school days, and the other findings were hanging around the craft closet! It was pretty simple. I put a small pink seed bead, and the silver beads around the big colorful ones on a pin, created a loop at the top and put them all together. The hardest part was getting that tiny little chain to go onto the hooks at all! I think I will really enjoy this pair!

I think the second pair might still need some work....so I'll show you another day!


tcmoniz said...

Love these - that pink *pops*!

G'ma Owens said...

Love that color.