Monday, December 29, 2014

Pallet Wood Ornament

This is one way that I am passing on a legacy of homemade Christmas to my children: I make an ornament each year to give to family. This means that my children each have at least as many ornaments as they are old! I am really enjoying doing it and they are enjoying putting them on individual trees in their room each Christmas season!

This years ornament was inspired by some I saw for sale at the Daisy Festival this year. They ended up completely different than what I saw there, but I love to improvise! :)

I cut lengths of pallet wood, sanded and stained them. Then I used ModgePodge to attach a paper to the front that has the names of Jesus all over it. I scoured the craft store and did not find a manger that was bold enough, so I used some scrap stamp rubber to make my own manger stamp and stamped it in brown ink on the front. Then I drilled two holes in the top, used clothesline wire (because that is what I had and I hate running to the store for more stuff when I can use what I already have!) through the holes and twisted them around with my jewelry pliers. The last touch was a little bow made of twine that I tied on one end of the wire. I am so excited about the result!

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G'ma Owens said...

I hope everyone who got one loves it as much as I do. My friends took pictures of it for their own creative abilities. As far as I am concerned you can't improve on it!