Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Cork Christmas Tree

 I made three of these and gifted two to my Mom and Sister for Christmas over the weekend! They were quick and easy, and they turned out better than I ever thought!

I had my mom and friends collect corks for me, and then cut them all to about a inch and a quarter length. Then I rubbed a few in some metallic ink pads I had (silver, copper, gold) and one in brown. I hot glued the triangle for the tree and a twine bow on top for hanging. Then I cut a trunk to a point and glued it to the bottom. I am really enjoying the natural look and it pops on the tree.

1 comment:

G'ma Owens said...

I love the cork tree!
It is a great recycle project. My friends wish they had my daughters (I might share them but they can't have them, they are ALL MINE)