Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Santa Ball

Is this an old idea and I've just never seen it? I thought these were so cute when I saw them recently. Then I ran across a sleeve of 5 red balls for $1 today and snatched them up. There were 3 shiny ones and 2 fuzzy ones. This is one of the fuzzy ones. It takes about 2 minutes to make one. So simple & so Christmas! I'm excited about the season already!
Cut a strip of about 1/2 inch black paper (8 inches long) and a square of metallic gold paper a little bigger than the strip is wide. Glue the gold square to the end of the paper with part of it sticking off the end, so three sides have gold edges. Then attach the black paper around the width of the ball. I used SNAIL adhesive to attach it all....I have never used it on a project like this, so we'll see if it holds around that circle.

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Mom/Dad Owens said...

I have never seen those balls in all my craft show shopping. CUTE!