Friday, July 17, 2015

Ashley's Bracelet

It was my neice's birthday and I checked out her Pinterest for ideas. I found a couple bracelets that were multi-strand, leather and charms, trendy. I looked around a few stores and didn't see anything like what I was looking for. Morning after the frustrating shopping trip, I decided I would try to make her one instead! It looks nothing like the ones she pinned....but I wasn't actually looking to make it just the same. What fun would that be? I like the multi-strand look. Chain, leather cord, beads, charms. Fun! 


Elisabeth Kauffman said...

I love it! I hope it was well received. :D

G'ma Owens said...

I love it too and I have the responsibility of giving it to her and have not done that yet so she still has a birthday present to look forward to receiving!