Friday, February 28, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Wreath

I have a couple friends that I have been talking with for months about making a wreath. We talked about it so much, that we bought the supplies back in the beginning of December!! I never did get that Christmas wreath made...but still wanted to work on one. So I tried to make one festive for St. Patrick's Day! I got out all the green fabrics in my stash, and while my hubby watched a seriously lame movie about California splitting in two, I made flowers. This morning, I thread each button for the centers on a piece of floral wire and threaded it through the flower. This way, I have a wreath I can easily change! I think if I take out a couple green ones, and add in a few pastels, I have all the flowers I need for an Easter wreath! I had this grapevine wreath hanging around from fall (I think) and just wired them on where I thought they looked nice.

A few more lame movie nights, where I can concentrate on my flower making, and I could have a wreath for every season! :)

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