Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Car Trash Bag

I have been wanting a garbage container for the van and though my husband's idea of just putting a little trash can in there was very practical, I hoped to create something a little more pretty. I found this idea this morning:

I liked how the bag was made from things that were sitting in my closet anyway, because I didn't have to buy oilcloth or something. The outer fabric is an old shirt, the inner lining fabric is from a suit jacket my hubby had that the sleeves were cut off of (don't know why!) and the sour cream container and grocery bag were headed for recycling anyway! And I really liked how the thing is 'lined' with a disposable grocery bag! That makes cleanup really easy later!
Now I just have to get the family to use it! :)


Jnet said...

I see these could be made out of a shirt sleeve of an old shirt, or a jeans leg...so cool!

Jnet said...

I'm still thinking about this...you could use two shirt sleeves, one as the outside, the other as the liner...I just love recycling like that.

The Turner's said...

A shirt sleeve is a great idea. I didn't mention in the post, but I just hung it on the arm of the front passenger seat and scooted it all the way back. That way front seat and back seats can reach it. It's awesome!

Nicole said...

What cute ideas!