Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Manger Magnets

I had an idea I couldn't help but get to doing today! I took one of those magnets from off the front of phone books and removed all the paper off the front. To do it, I peeled off the original picture and was left with a bunch of white. Then I wet it and scraped it off with one of those Pampered Chef brown square plastic scraper-things.

Once I got it down to black, I cut the stable, manger and star out and put it on the fridge and here it is!

I am glad I practiced up on my paper cutting earlier in the year, or I don't think I would have attempted this project. It was quick and easy though with an exacto blade and a cutting mat. These magnets are really thin and easy to work with.

My plan for this magnet set is to put it on my mailbox (which is also white) and I think if it can survive the wind & cold out there, that is just where it will stay! I love the look of the black sillouette and the simplicity of it, and had been wanting to decorate up the mailbox for Christmas. But if it won't stay put out there on the mailbox, it's coming back in for the fridge! :)


Jnet said...

AWESOME! That is so super cool!

Adventures Along The Way said...

This is really cool!!!! :)

tcmoniz said...

That is a great idea - for repurposing the magnet AND decorating the mailbox!! :)