Monday, November 1, 2010

My First Quilt

My husband took the kids for a couple days so I could concentrate. So they played and shopped and I locked myself into the sunroom to sew. I got the inspiration for this quilt from a blog that I follow called Home Joys. I gathered denim from all the grandparents and cut these squares months ago, but was waiting for a time to sew them, and my hubby allowed me to concentrate on it this weekend. First, I set all the squares out in a random pattern that I liked.

Then I layered the top square, a square of an old sheet and another denim square for the back. I sewed it to the next square (layered) with the seam exposed on the top. My sister had given me a tip ages ago to sew a line together, then another line together, then sew the lines to each other. This is what I did.

When finished, I put it in the dryer to unravel. Unfortunately, it did not do as I would have liked, so I'm hand-unraveling it. Me and my ripper will be boosom buddies before this job is finished! I anticipate that I'll just go and unravel a few rows when I have time. I am so glad to give him this quilt of heritage and warmth! I hope he grows to love it and it's meaning!

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G'ma/G'pa Owens said...

I love it and it is worth all the work you do making it. He might make it his happy blanket like yours that you had into adulthood.