Saturday, January 9, 2010

Updated Living Room

I feel quite accomplished. It's only 4pm and I made curtains, got paint, painted this wall, and got it all put back together today. Here is the before picture:

I found this fabric at the store near my house and I had to have it for this space. I love the blue leaves and the monkeys. The tan background and monkeys inspired me to pick this color tan for the wall. It is a couple shades darker than the sunroom we just painted, and we will probably paint the kitchen the same at the sunroom too....

I know it might not look very different to some of you, but when you see the whole area, all white and bland, this one wall made a huge difference. I intend to paint the wall to the right too, this same color, but the right wrist had quite enough and was not willing to paint another wall today. It will have to wait. I would also like to make a topper for the curtain panels, because they are a little bland - and I want to recover the glider cushions (with the blue blanket in foreground) but they will have to wait as well.


Adventures Along The Way said...

Looks great! :)

tcmoniz said...

Your room looks great - love the curtains! We did that too - one dark wall and the others light. I think it makes a nice contrast, when you have the higher ceilings and open rooms.

Really like it!