Monday, June 22, 2009

Quilled Ben

This is the latest name quilling I have been working on. Another little boy! I have quite a few friends having babies, and I'm so glad to have these special gifts to make for their new babies! The shower is tonight. I hope his mom likes it!

I originally made it with a tiny little car in the upper left, but switched it later for the clouds. I thougth they were better because the white was less 'busy' than the red & black car, tied in the white mat, and the little car was just not as cute as I wanted it to be!!!


linzred said...

Have you ever thought of selling these?

The Turner's said...

Tought about it, talked about it, considered it for long periods of time....just not sure anyone would pay enough for them to make them worth it. But you never know, maybe I'll get inspired to start!!

Jnet said...

These are always so beautiful! My girls LOVE theirs!

Kristianna said...

Great job on all these...we'll have to buy one from you sometime for a gift for Samuel or Mother's Day/Father's Day...Cantrell's