Monday, May 4, 2009

Wrap Pants

So I saw these pants and thought I would like to try them. They are comfortable, adjustable to the waist and big at the bottom, which I liked.

They look so cool and trendy on her.

Well, I got out a sheet that I had in a box and tried them. This was the original, made to her instructions, except that I used buttons because I found that they were so big around the waist.

You can see that my pair is not near as cool and trendy - and look terrible on me! So I cut the front of the pants off to make them a little less huge and put a string on them instead, thinking this would make the legs less humongous. I don't think I'll be wearing these babies anywhere except to bed! They are quite comfortable, as promised, but my, they don't look good!


Jnet said...

You're right, they don't look quite right...glad you didn't use $15 a yard pique to try this out!

linzred said...

hehe, they don't look as bad as you think, Michelle. I like your honesty and willingness to post your crafts you aren't as proud of!

G'ma/G'pa Owens said...

Didn't Jnet say she was going to make a pair of those too? I told her they were popular in the 70's but since I couldn't sew I never had any. The pattern I remember was black, long pants using a slinky material.