Sunday, January 4, 2009

Jewelery Frame

I admit it. I am a ripper. I love to rip pages out of magazines to save for ideas. I have folders of garden ideas, folders of holiday ideas, folders of ideas for certain rooms of the house. I have been looking through the ideas for some fun projects to do, and this one caught my eye this week.

I took an old frame someone handed down to me (Yes, I admit to being a pack-rat too!) and spray painted it this hammered silver color. Then got some little screw eyes from my husband's shop and put 6 of them (3 on each side) on the inside of the frame at equal distances from the top. Then I strung a wire between the screw eyes and twisted the ends.

Then just put two nails in the wall over my jewelery box, and hung on some of my dangle earrings. I love it because it's functional, and it shows off the baubles that usually sit in a drawer. I also think it will inspire me to wear them more....and I definitely think I look better with earrings on!

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tcmoniz said...

I really like this! Neat!!