Friday, December 5, 2008

Quilled Invitation

Here's a wedding invitation I framed with my quilling for the gift at shower we're going to tonight! I hope they like it! The invitation was printed in the exact color of Elegant Eggplant, so I mounted the invitation on the cardstock, quilled flowers and vine and added them. I had a hard time finding the right frame, I didn't really want black. It is an 8x12. Not many of those around, but it grew on me.


Jnet said...

These are so beautiful and I bet all of your friends can't wait to get theirs when they get spend so much time picking wedding invitations and it is SO nice to have a way to display them.

Custom Quilling said...

Love the quilling my favorite color... purple!
Deep frames for quilling always seem hard to come by.
I have a tutorial on my site showing how to make a stock frame into a shadow box.
I've been using this method for years, hope you find it helpful.

It's under Free Items then Shadow Box Framing.

Keep on Quillin',