Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Card Ribbon

I have been wanting to do a little greenery in our house. For one, I love the look of live greenery. For two, we use an artificial tree, so I wanted a little green-smell. For three, the rosemary grows like a weed, and we have a bunch of it.
So I pulled out these ribbons that we used in the church when we got married, wired together a little trimmings and put them on either end of a ribbon that I'm using to fill an empty wall and to display the Christmas cards this year. I like it! The greenery really adds a lot to it.
You will see in the bottom of this photo that we have a fun recent purchase! Anyone want to come over for a game of shuffleboard!?

1 comment:

tcmoniz said...

This is a neat idea!! I will have to try it next year!